my puppy making puppy dog eyes

As a lifelong writer across varies veins (academic, professional, literary, critical, political) I have always felt it important to do a little writing just for me. When I was a literature professor, I advised any student that wanted to some day make a living writing to always, without fail, write (or carefully, lovingly translate) at least one thing every week for themself, lest the writing-muscle deep in them should atrophy from too much coursework, or term-paper-ing, or vacationing, livelihood-earning, or what have you. As a professor, I ate that dogfood, but didn’t keep receipts or records.

Now, in a different phase of my life altogether, I finally feel I am rooted enough to get back to taking my own advice. I will be doing so here, over the coming weeks, and as time allows digging up old writings from past lives.

the next big thing is you

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tldr; An optimistic introduction to what could come after the total sovereignty of the VC-funded cycle of disruptions and consolidations, specifically, decen...